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  • Marlborough Green Gecko

    Marlborough Green Geckos are beautiful bright green lizards, with golden star-like markings perfect for hiding among the lush green New Zealand bush.

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  • Giant Wētā

    Here at Koru Wildlife Breeding Centre we breed Giant Wētā. These wētā are endangered in the wild, and most of them only survive on protected islands.

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  • Yellow-crowned Käkäriki

    Here at Koru Native Wildlife Centre we hold a special permit from the Department of Conservation to breed yellow-crowned käkäriki.

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koru native wildlife centre marlborough

Welcome to Koru Native Wildlife Centre

Based in the beautiful Marlborough Sounds, we specialise in breeding and housing some of New Zealand’s more uncommonly found and threatened native species. At this stage we hold Yellow Crowned Käkäriki, Giant Weta and Marlborough Green geckos.

We welcome visitors to Koru Native Wildlife Centre to meet and learn about our resident native species.
Join us on our personal guided tour through Koru Native Wildlife Centre’s specially built enclosures to learn fascinating facts about our native animals, and the efforts to restore their natural habitats.

Your hosts, Brian and Ellen Plaisier, have more than 20 years of experience in restoring native habitat, and more recently in native animal husbandry.
We are passionate about New Zealand’s incredible biodiversity and will provide a genuine, personal insight to the efforts being made to restore our stunning natural environment.

For the past 20 years, the Plaisiers have restored 80 hectares of land in the Marlborough Sounds, called Tui Nature Reserve and Sealife Trust, into a wildlife sanctuary. At Koru Native Wildlife Centre, we will draw on our experiences and provide visitors with exclusive personal footage of our journey.

The animals bred at Koru Native Wildlife Centre are eventually released into carefully chosen wild areas, permitted by the Department of Conservation, where extensive pest management and control has taken place to give them a greater chance of survival.

Koru Native Wildlife Centre also promotes the Conservation Dogs New Zealand programme, which is run by the Department of Conservation. The dogs and their handlers are vital detection tools to avoid predator breaches on mainland sanctuaries and offshore islands.

We also promote the Predator Free New Zealand initiative and provide information about this important nationwide concept.

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Be one of the lucky few to experience an up-close and personal encounter with these rare creatures.

A big thank you to our sponsors:

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And we are grateful for Derek Flynn who offered his time to take those amazing photos we use on this site and to Roger Larsen who supplied us with the beautiful Marlborough Green Gecko for our display.

Koru Native Wildlife Centre welcomes individuals, tour groups, community groups and schools by arrangement only.

Please see the contact page for more information or visit our Facebook page.


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