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About us

Koru Native Wildlife Centre has grown from a long-standing, award-wining biodiversity restoration project in the Outer Marlborough Sounds called Tui Nature Reserve.

Both projects are overseen by the Tui Nature Reserve Wildlife Trust (reg.no CC47451), a registered charitable organisation, which was established in 2011.

The Board has five trustees and an advisory group of 16 members, with a wide range of skills and expertise who are all contributing towards the intentions of the Trust.

Tui Nature Reserve began in 1994 when Brian and Ellen Plaisier bought an area of the Otuhoto Peninsula in Waitata Reach, Outer Pelorus Sound with the intention of restoring its once magnificent natural landscape and re-introducing the native species that once thrived there, such as the South Island Robin.

Today, Tui Nature Reserve is well on its way to reaching that goal. The land is covered with mature and regenerating native forest and the birdlife is beginning to return. Extensive pest management programmes for rats, mice, stoats and possums as well as a predator proof fence for pigs and deer means native species now also have a chance to establish themselves naturally.

Breeding of native species including Yellow Crowned Käkäriki (2014) and Giant Weta (2013) in captivity on Tui Nature Reserve began. Käkäriki from the programme have been released at Project Janszoon in Abel Tasman National Park and Giant Weta on Puangiangi Island in the Marlborough Sounds.

Now, the breeding programme has shifted from its isolated base to Koru Native Wildlife Centre in Linkwater.

native wildlife breeding centre 2018
Koru Native Wildlife Breeding Centre

The Trust believes public education and engagement with conservation is key to ensuring the survival of New Zealand’s many rare and endangered species and their habitats.

By being more accessible to the public, it is hoped Koru Native Wildlife Centre can contribute more effectively to that education in a fun, and interesting way.


Warm regards,

Brian Plaisier – Chairman


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